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First of all thank you for making your way to our page to see what we have to offer. Currently we are still growing so the rigs we have are not the best but surely aren’t the worst. We offer 2 rigs which Specs are Listed at Bottom Of The Page


RIG 1: Sponsored by Aeon Classic

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Why are you doing this? Purpose! We all need a purpose, something to put our efforts towards that we think might make the world a better place.

For returning & injured Vets, that lack of purpose can be debilitating and isolating. So the idea was hatched one day…why not deal with the lack of purpose & tackle isolation by bringing Veterans together, especially those that are shut-in or mobility challenged.

In the process, we all get educated together, we all contribute towards a common goal and where individually our mining efforts are miniscule & insignificant, together our efforts are mighty!


Woman and soldier in a military uniform say goodbye
Military uniform with faded boards painted in American USA flag
Flag waving at veteran's day parade

How Its Works:

We offer our rig for rent. While not rented we mine various amounts of coins to be sold on the market to buy supplies such as food, clothing and sleeping bags to be donated to homeless veterans. This is our first goal in our project and hopefully the next step is to educate veterans about cryptocurrency(ie: running mining pools, building rigs, coding and starting their own projects)

We know these things take time and appreciate the rentals we have gotten already. We are still looking to get close to our first donation. Things like this don’t happen overnight, but with your help and voice we can make this a larger platform outside of the US.

Rig Specs

Rig 1:
4x MSI Gaming X RX570 4GB
1x XFX RX 580 8GB
1x MSI Armor RX580 4GB
1x MSI Armor RX570 4GB

Rig 2:
6X Sapphire Nitro+ Mining Edition RX470 8GB


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